A ‘romantic’ in Kansas-ANNOUNCEMENT

October 2, 2018

Jacquée T. announces the upcoming episode -- to feature GHOSTS!

Don't be afraid ... Listen to the details!


Three Alerts - Plus!

September 24, 2018

Take a Detour to be brought up to speed regarding the romantic in Kansas Radio Podcast with 3 exciting alerts.

Plus, enjoy a “Headlight Interview” about “What’s happening at 712?” — a Co-Work and Makers Space in Topeka, Kansas. This interview is with Bryan Falk of Falk Architects, regarding Lights! Find out how YOU might be able to change the lights along the Topeka downtown skyline.
     O yes!

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Jacquée T. “A ‘romantic’ in Kansas” — Wines in Kansas!

June 27, 2018

Learn the story behind Kansas wines
-- how Kansas was a prominent wine region BEFORE California,
-- how its wine industry was walloped
-- and learn about Kansas wines today.

PLUS wine tasting table etiquette -- and more!

This is Chapter IV of the Jacquée T. "A 'romantic' in Kansas" SPECIAL FEATURES series.


Jacquée T. “A ‘romantic’ in Kansas” — Seeking the Cowboys!

May 23, 2018

"I wonder if I'll meet a cowboy," was one of Jacquée T.'s first thoughts when she scheduled Kansas as the maiden destination to her "Writer in Residence" expedition. Why in the world did she think this?

Miss T. explores why. and shares Chapter III of her story as "A 'romantic' in Kansas."

Within this episode: Miss T.'s answer to why she thought of Cowboys when she thought about Kansas, interview with a Cowboy Poet, Cowboy Hat etiquette, fun facts -- and o yes, more!


Jacquée T. “A ‘romantic’ in Kansas” : THE MIDNIGHT TRAIN

April 13, 2018
Jacquée T.  "A 'romantic' in Kansas" : THE MIDNIGHT TRAIN

Jacquée T. presents Chapter II of her "A 'romantic' in Kansas" SPECIAL FEATURES, titled The Midnight Train.

Here, she features a Vignette regarding how she first arrived to Kansas via "The Midnight Train," fun facta regarding passenger trains in their golden day, and modern day, interviews with folks in train-related fields, and interesting tidbits behind a couple train songs.

Listen in, and enjoy celebrating ... trains!


Jacquee T. “A ‘romantic’ in Kansas’” THE RUBY SLIPPERS

February 24, 2018

The "A 'romantic' in Kansas" Internet Radio & Podcast SPECIAL FEATURES are based in Kansas, and designed to entertain the 'romantic' in folks everywhere.

In this episode, Jacquée T. presents: The Ruby Slippers.

It includes a Vignette about how she wore "Ruby Slippers" when traveling to Kansas, an interview with Sally Fuller, Director of the Liberal Kansas Visitors Bureau regarding "Dorothy's Home," a look at Tornadoes, fun facts, and more!




Jacquee T. “A ‘romantic’ in Kansas’” PRELUDE

February 14, 2018

'Romantic' in Kansas Jacquee T. introduces her SPECIAL FEATURES series, upcoming shows and fun tacts. This also includes an interview with Frank Chaffin of WREN Internet Radio.


Jacquee T.’s ‘A Romantic in Kansas’ to premiere Valentine’s Day

February 8, 2018

Jacquee T. presents 'A romantic in Kansas' monthly SPECIAL FEATURES. The first one to premiere on Valentine's Day!


Jacquee T. presents “A ‘romantic’ in Kansas” SPECIAL FEATURES

February 3, 2018

Coming soon, o yes! Jacquee T. begins the "A romatic in Kansas" SPECIAL FEATURES monthly series. Listen to the announcement here!